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Carlos A. Rodrigues

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our company website. If you’re considering investing with us, it’s important that you get to know me and my investment expertise. My name is Carlos A. Rodrigues, and I am deeply passionate about real estate investing.

In 2003, I began my career as a financial planner at one of Canada’s largest insurance companies. It was a demanding entrepreneurial role that required me to build my own clientele by selling not only my planning expertise but also life insurance products and investment vehicles like mutual funds and GICs. Over the next ten years, I successfully managed investment portfolios for over a thousand households, earning multiple accolades, including “Best Financial Planner.”

During my time as a financial planner, I gained a unique insight into the financial industry and the products we were selling in the name of wealth creation and preservation. However, my personal real estate investments vastly outperformed any mutual fund portfolio I had ever seen. This led me to teach my clients about the benefits of real estate investing. Unfortunately, my superiors did not share my enthusiasm for this strategy and gave me an ultimatum: stop talking to clients about real estate investing or face the consequences. Despite the potential loss of my comfortable lifestyle, I could not stay silent, so I left the company and founded Magellan Wealth Management Inc. on July 1, 2013.

As an independent financial planner, I focused on building wealth through real estate investing, later expanding to include a mortgage brokerage and four other agents. Although I enjoyed financial planning, I found my true passion in investing in real estate, specifically in revitalizing neglected properties to positively impact both individuals and communities. My extensive knowledge of construction has been instrumental in understanding the unique needs of each project and communicating these aspects to my investors.

However, I felt that my business was spread too thin, and the lack of focus was impacting the service I could deliver. So in early 2023, I made the decision to sell the financial planning and mortgage brokerage parts of my business and focus entirely on real estate investing. I am committed to using my expertise to build massive wealth for my clients and myself through real estate investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about my investment strategies, I invite you to download my international bestselling book, “Property Profits: A Lazy Investor’s Guide to Making Money in Real Estate Even If You Don’t Have the Time or Patience for All the B.S.” Thank you again for considering Magellan Wealth Management Inc. for your investment needs.