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Welcome to Magellan Wealth Management

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Investor Relations

Investing with Magellan is never simply a transactional affair. It’s a process where we look to build a lasting profitable relationship with each of our investors. We take the time to assess your investment objectives, and your tolerances and then match you with the most appropriate means of investing in real estate.

Property Acquisition

Just like playing Monopoly, acquiring the right investment at the right time will mean the difference between winning or losing at the game of real estate. At the onset of each opportunity, we bring to bear our years of financial knowledge, market research and experience, and if need be our construction know how to select the most profitable properties for your portfolio.

Project & Property Management

This is where the professionals are separated from armature investors. Its not enough to simply buy nice properties that cash flow on paper. Ensuring a profitable outcome requires an effective team in place to take care of these properties, especially when buy and renovating properties at great distances.

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Our Mission

Magellan Wealth Management Inc was established by Carlos A. Rodrigues in 2013 as an independent financial planning firm. However, upon realizing that the majority of financial planners’ products and strategies were insufficient in generating wealth compared to a well-performing, cash-flowing real estate investment, Magellan underwent a transformation and was relaunched as a real estate investment firm.

Our new mission is straightforward: to generate double-digit returns for our investors through passive real estate investments found in either Canada or the USA. 

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- I have used Magellan Wealth Management Inc. several times in the past and was very satisfied with my experience - Carlos is very knowledgeable, always in sync with what's going on in the industry and a pleasure to work with. They are upfront and honest in recommending certain types of products - and the process itself doesn't really take much effort - the paperwork is basically done for you (of course - you should still give it a good read) and guide you through everything from start to finish.

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